August class schedule

We will continue to limit the students in class to 10. Please be safe, continue to keep your distance, and we recommend you wear a mask coming and leaving from class and the facility and only remove it to participate or work out. 

Download "August-2020-class Calendar.docx"

September 2020 class schedule

In-House September 2020 Class Schedule

September 2020 class schedule. Notes-Vickie is unable to teach Zumba on Wed. Sept. 2nd, so Denise will do her premier Tai Chi class at The Ridge! Denise Wheeler is working towards her Tai Chi certification, and would love to explain and demonstrate how this is helpful for almost anyone. No class on Mon. Sept. 7th, it's Labor Day!

In-House classes start 6/1/20!

Class Rules:
1) 10 students max per class
2) First come-first served- sign up on the clipboard before class.
3) Stay in marked area, 6' apart, be aware of spacing between you and your buddy.
4) No shared equipment. Please wipe down everything you use or touch after class.
5) 45 min. classes to allow cleanup time between classes.
6) Wear a mask if you wish, but not required. 

Download "June-2020-class Calendar.docx"

Classes starting 6/1/2020!

In-house classes will resume 6/1/20. Same class schedule as before shutdown with the exception of Yoga- Friday 9AM class is still up in the air. Your input is appreciated. There will be a max of 10 students per class with a sign-up sheet. You have to be present to sign up, and no pre-sign-ups. Call (931) 427-2550 for questions.

Vickie leads virtual Zumba!

Join us from home, get a good workout and DANCE IT OUT!

March Class Schedule

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Zumba at The Ridge

Even if you've never tried Zumba before, there is a class for you! You don' have to be a dance expert, and beginners are welcome. Come one, come all!  Teri is our energetic Zumba Toning instructor with class on Tues. at 5:30PM. Vickie is our Zumba Dance instructor with class on Wed. at 5:30PM.

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